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from many countries around the world gender teeth in Vietnam

from many countries around the world gender teeth in Vietnam, extremely important not only to replenish the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy body and increase the body’s resistance but also contribute to preserving healthy teeth and preventing diseases. danger. Diets for the elderly in the diet should be supplemented with the following: Protein in meat, eggs, shrimp, crab, milk, beans, etc.; For the elderly to eat fruit to supplement vitamins and minerals to help healthy teeth, have the effect of cleaning teeth after eating. Limit foods high in fat, fat, and sugar. Drinking plenty of water, especially drinking water after waking up in the morning, not only helps blood circulation but also helps prevent dangerous oral diseases. Periodic examination The higher the age, the more important care and protection of oral health is. Therefore, elderly people should periodically check every 3-6 months for early detection of oral diseases, especially gum disease in the elderly can lead to oral lung cancer.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Adjoining dentures have lost any remedies teeth

Denture replacement is a replacement for lost teeth, with a function of chewing as well as aesthetic. Therefore, with the loss of teeth you are completely assured with modern dental technology, with all cases of missing teeth may apply. questions raised about Talking about planting teeth like the cost of planting implant, pain does not take long? Today we would like to answer as well as evaluate the current dental implant dentistry. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In case of loss of teeth can be overcome by three methods is to make the jaw, implant implants and bridge. In addition, the removal function is often not very high durability and is applied to the case of tooth loss is the main function.

5 signs that you are going to have cavities. Do not ignore the following signs if the caries are worse than that breath is smelly. Bacteria erode tooth enamel, causing food to get stuck and sticking on the teeth for a long time to smother your breath.
White spots on the teeth
Bacteria lose the minerals, especially calcium in the enamel, resulting in white spots.

At the same time, bridging considerations can basically only be applied when the teeth on both sides of the tooth must be healthy to make the support for the bridge above. For example, if you do not have enough adjacent teeth or have too many adjacent teeth at one time, this method will not work. If you have lost 5 adjacent teeth, it is not advisable to use this method when at least two teeth need to be grinded to make the support. This is almost impossible.

Implant can be used in this case, and its only drawback is that the cost of implantation is so high that many implanted and not everyone is able to afford it. The best way to coordinate implants and implants is to implant 2-3 implants on the jaw and the other two teeth will be bridged based on the toothed root to implant. .

Basically, this method creates two values: to reduce the maximum tooth size and to give a high strength to the dentures. Two implant teeth will replace the two tooth head and the last tooth lost in the chain of 5 teeth. The implant head acts as a sharpened crown to support the bridge placed on top. With restoration of 2-3 teeth by the bridge makes it necessary to 5-6 real teeth to cast immediately into the bridge bristles on the implant cylinder. vietnam dentist prices

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