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each year as a tutor to wealthy children teeth in Vietnam

each year as a tutor to wealthy children teeth in Vietnam, on the opinion of the physician as well as the patients who have made teeth in this way to conclude. On the other hand, through the following effects of teeth you can know for yourself whether the teeth are good or not: To ensure the aesthetics of teeth: Because of the porcelain veneer is a thin layer of fine-made porcelain, accurate small details, the color of the real teeth, so this paste is used to make the teeth more beautiful, like a “mask complete. good “for the teeth, hide the defects of the teeth such as: enamel worn, tooth decay, dull, teeth worn teeth, sparse, slightly deviated. The process of restoration minimizes invasive and painful, and makes the prostate more comfortable. What are the signs and symptoms of dental caries? What are the health risks of root canalitis? With the article that I-DENT share soon, it will help you better understand this oral disease!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Veneer porcelain stick to eat chewing good teeth

Is your case made of porcelain or not?

Your teeth are infected with antibiotics. Usually, this case the doctor will not specify bleaching. Since antibiotic contamination is a coloring in the structure of teeth, bleaching will be less effective. Instead there are other methods such as porcelain crowns, fillings and porcelain veneer. In particular, veneer porcelain veneer is a good dental restorative technique has just been assessed to achieve the highest preservation rate of teeth, usually prescribed by doctors. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Therefore, your teeth can use veneer porcelain veneer.

Does veneer porcelain have good chewing properties?

Porcelain paste is a technique that requires only a very thin layer (about 0.3-0.6 mm) on the outer surface of the tooth, and no need to grind the entire tooth surface, such as porcelain crowns. Feeling the food as well as the ability to chew food. You also noticeably shorten the familiarity with the presence of the tongue in the mouth faster than other techniques.

The doctor attaches the adhesive to the tooth surface with a special dental adhesive, so the glue is fixed firmly on the teeth. When fitting the glue, your chewing is done quite comfortably without the need. Too anxious about flaking, striking the paste. vietnam dentist prices

The doctor just grinds the surface of the teeth so the rest of the face is not worn or invaded so you are still eating normal chewing, not affected by the paste.

Basically, porcelain veneers have the greatest function of covering the defects on the teeth. As the case of open cleavage; broken teeth; big teeth are uneven; teeth infected with antibiotics … the face will help cover these bad defects on the teeth, so its biggest function is restoration of aesthetics. So, your Spring case is very suitable for making veneer porcelain veneers.

Veneer porcelain veneer is a difficult technique, requiring experienced physicians and skillful in grinding teeth, sticking faces. In addition, the doctor will consider this technique after careful examination of each specific case. To ensure the best results of the method is both safe for teeth.

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